International Rauma Thonkathon 20.3.

The International Thonkathon wants to help students and companies to form networks and exchange visions for the future: We will build bridges, together!

Date: Friday 20.3.2020

Time: 14.00 - 18.50 pm

Place: Rauma-sali, Satamakatu 26, Rauma

Welcome business representatives! International Rauma Thonkathon (Thought Marathon) is a meeting forum for students and business representatives. The aim is to network and discuss the everyday life that international youth meet in Rauma. At the same time, we hear about the young people's future expectations and willingness to work and live in the Rauma region.Thonkathon helps international students and companies find each other and build a future together!

The event is nonstop - you can come and go according to your schedule. For business representatives, for example, at 2.30 pm, a round table discussion and student speeches are sure to be eye-opening. Likewise, during all breaks, an area has been organized for networking of students and business representatives.

The event will be conducted in English.​​​​​​​


14:00 pm - Doors open

14:15 pm - International Marketing & Brand Development by Maria Kuivamäki, Oras Oy.

14:30 pm - Roundtable Talk by Seppo Cartoon, Experiencing Culture

15:30 pm - Break

15:45 pm - Bolster Beyond Borders by Akseli Kordelin, Nipromec

16:15 pm - Break

16:30 pm - A Clash of Cultures - Student Speech

17:00 pm - A Taste of the World - Food Walk / Break

17:30 pm - Internationalization Slipping Into Work Life by Jani Järvi, Euroports

18:00 pm - Jobs for the Youth - Panel Discussion

18:30 pm - Rauma Going Forward - Host Speech

18:50 pm - Closing of the Event

The event will be hosted by SAMK's International Business students. The event is free of charge but requires prior registration. Register for the event on the following link:

Thonkathon Registration