Rauma Chamber of Commerce Now Available in English

Welcome to succeed with us!

Rauma´s Chamber of Commerce main tasks are to represent the organizations interests, influence the operative conditions, competitivity and to improve the attractiveness of business at the region, this ensuring an international environment for development.

Our mission is to guarantee an active and constant growing economy that creates continuous opportunities for Rauma´s entrepreneurs, innovators, and workers.

​​​​​​​The chamber puts at your disposition advocacy services, guidance, and training, acting in government capacity by issuing and validating foreign trade documents.

What do we do?

Rauma´s Chamber of Commerce is an organization created for the protection of business interests, cooperation and services of the region. Chamber´s members are listed from virtually 400 of the most outstanding companies in the region from both the small and medium-big company sector. In addition, municipalities of the region are part of Rauma Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce basic functions are to influence on the business environment, improve competitivity and ensure the attractiveness of the companies in a local and international environment.

Rauma Chamber of Commerce influences the authorities on areas of relevant importance for companies, this through the planning and preparation phase. The staff focuses on advocating for the members interests and work for their development. Being some of the included key issues transportation availability, access to qualified workforce, special planification and development of business-orientated training to better satisfy company’s needs.

Business conditions improvements are formed though project initiatives, statements, events, and collaboration plans. Investigation and surveys are also instruments to archive these goals. Our network of both private and public partnerships are the key to obtain and excel on results.