Rauma region companies united for summer campaign victory

The innovative marketing campaing "Meilläontöitä" for summer jobs from companies in the region, brought the victory to Rauma in the category of “Best Shortcut for Recruitment 2019” (Rekrytoinntin parhaat 2019) at the Oikotie Gala on 10.10.2019.

“Meilläontöitä” video campaign featured by Marios Kleovoulou, better known as HesaÄijä. gives an inside on the region’s summer jobs in a humorous style and has been awarded the winner for this year’s “Best Recruitment Video Serie” (Parhaan rekrytointivideon sarjassa).

The umbrella organization for the campaign was created by Rauma Chamber of Commerce and the creators of the idea were Chamber of Commerce-HR and the Chairman of the Education Committee, Jaana Isotalo. The campaign was implemented by the experts of Sanoma Media.

The video serie in Finnish is available on the following link: www.meillaontoita.fi/