Satakunta China-Seminar 2.12. A Discussion of China as a Trading Partner

Dr. Mikael Mattlin, one of Finland's most respected Chinese experts, docent and college researcher at the University of Turku, highlighted China's role in the global market economy. Concrete instructions for doing business with the Chinese were also given by Senior Network Advisor Xiahoan Li from OP Group. The panel discussion was attended by tj. Riikka Hacksenius-Fonsén of Punda Global Oy, Senior China Advisor Markku Paukkunen from SAMK, M.Sc. Mikko Osara from BMH Technology Oy and Heikki Perko from the HNC-USF platform.

When asked about key business start-up tips in China, the seminar highlighted the following:

  • The attitude must be right: the culture is different
  • You are required to go to China to understand how fast decision-making and business rhythm are
  • Finns should be more proactive and faster
  • Commitment and patience are highly required
  • When introduce to China, it is a good to have enough volume and organization
  • It is important to find the right, local executives
  • Lessons can be learned from successful companies in China, such as the Finnish company KONE
  • In consumer markets, the only way to enter the market is through strong e-commerce expertise and strategy

Pictures of the event are avaible on the following link:

Pictures China Seminar

The event was organized in cooperation between Rauma and Satakunta Chambers of Commerce, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Prizztech and the Satakunta Team Finland network.

The event was provided free of charge by Länsi-Suomen Osuuspankki and the organizing team.