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Rauma Maritime network day 7.11.2024

Date: Thursday 7.11.2024
Time: 8.30 - 15.00
Place: SAMK ja WinNova, Merimäki campus, Suojantie 2, Rauma

​​​​​​​Welcome to Rauma to explore the latest innovations in maritime industry.

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Opportunities in the Netherlands for companies in the Rauma region - visit of the Dutch ambassador in Finland 28.08.2024

Date: Wednesday 28.08.2024
Time: 10.00 - 12.00pm
Place: Villa Tallbo, Petäjäksentie 178, 26100 Rauma (red building)
​​​​​​​Export directors or those interested in internationalization, welcome to hear the market overview of the Netherlands and meet the Dutch ambassador!

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International Talent Week

International Talent Week kannustaa alueen yrityksiä avaamaan ovet SAMKin ulkomaalaisille kansainvälisen kaupan opiskelijoille ja tutustumaan yhden iltapäivän ajan toisiinsa.

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Global Club Meeting: Kansainväliset osaajat osana yhteisöä 25.2.

International experts reunited on Tuesday 25 of February at Kulttuurikuppila Brummi, to celebrate the first Global Club Meeting of the year 2020. The event pointed out internationalizations challengues and oportunities on the region and gave an inside of the current issues faced by the international community living in Rauma.

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International Rauma Thonkathon 20.3.

The International Thonkathon wants to help students and companies to form networks and exchange visions for the future: We will build bridges, together!

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Global Club Meeting: kansainväliset osaajat osana yhteisöä

Internationalization is part of Rauma´s legacy. How can we continue being an attractive place to work and live for international experts?

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In the picture, the Chamber of Industry Committee during meeting at SAMK premises in Rauma.

Rauma Chamber of Commerce Comittiee Selection for 2020

The comittiee of the Rauma Chamber of Commerce, members of the government, delegation and seven delegations, have now been elected. Check out the list, new members marked in orange!

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Forthcoming chairman Mika Marttila (in the picture situated on the left) and vice chairman Sakke Suominen of Rauma Chamber of Commerce in the summer evening in August 2019.

Mika Marttila, CEO from Osuuskauppa Keula, elected chairman of Rauma Chamber of Commerce

Key representatives of the board of directors for they year 2020, were elected during Rauma Chamber of Commerce autumn meeting (Rauman kauppakamarin syyskokous) on Monday 2.12. Mika Marttila, CEO of Osuuskauppa Keula, was elected as the chairman of the board of directors. Concurrently, the CEO of Rauma Marine Constructions Oy, was praised for the work performed by the Chamber of Commerce and the regional industry. The autumn meeting also outlined the operation plan of the Chamber of Commerce for the upcoming year of 2020, improvements on accessibility to VT8 and the development of business to business cooperation.

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Satakunta China-Seminar 2.12. A Discussion of China as a Trading Partner

Dr. Mikael Mattlin, one of Finland's most respected Chinese experts, docent and college researcher at the University of Turku, highlighted China's role in the global market economy. Concrete instructions for doing business with the Chinese were also given by Senior Network Advisor Xiahoan Li from OP Group. The panel discussion was attended by tj. Riikka Hacksenius-Fonsén of Punda Global Oy, Senior China Advisor Markku Paukkunen from SAMK, M.Sc. Mikko Osara from BMH Technology Oy and Heikki Perko from the HNC-USF platform.

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Rauma region companies united for summer campaign victory

The innovative marketing campaing "Meilläontöitä" for summer jobs from companies in the region, brought the victory to Rauma in the category of “Best Shortcut for Recruitment 2019” (Rekrytoinntin parhaat 2019) at the Oikotie Gala on 10.10.2019.

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