Global Club Meeting: Kansainväliset osaajat osana yhteisöä 25.2.

International experts reunited on Tuesday 25 of February at Kulttuurikuppila Brummi, to celebrate the first Global Club Meeting of the year 2020. The event pointed out internationalizations challengues and oportunities on the region and gave an inside of the current issues faced by the international community living in Rauma.

Summary of findings

Internationalization of the region is an strategic choice - a choice for the vitality of the region! Recruiting is an international challenge nowadays. Finding and keeping international experts requires activities of the whole community (the private, the public and the third sector as well as authotities).

We should all step out of our comfort zone in using languages. Also in the sense that foreigners would like to learn to speak in Finnish.

Some companies are really diverse and international - there are things we can learn from them.

Foreign students are nowadays a missed opportunity. These people want to stay here! Notice the Thonkathon event below!

Ideas on how to proceed:

  • Finnish language courses are nowadays too "basic" for educated experts, more developed level courses should be offered for different professional groups
  • Multilingual early childhood education should be provided, not only kindergarten but also comprehensive school
  • International workers should be taken as part of the networks. Maybe an International Cafe should be put up for networking purposes?
  • A group of companies that are willing to have foreign language speaking workers should be gathered on a list. This list could then be delivered for example for the international students.
  • Recruiting events to be arranged for OL3-workers willing to stay in Finland. Maybe also some informal networking events should be arranged for the OL3-workers (families) and companies?
  • Training on how to serve international groups could be provided for the public sector - models for doing this are available.
  • TE-office offers language courses and job seekers. EURES provides services for companies in finding people abroad.
  • Keskuskauppakamari will later this spring offer a model for measuring diversity of a working place.

Rauma Chamber of Commerce and City of Rauma will arrange a further workshop on the issue later in spring.

Presentations of the event:

Case TVO.pptx

Alfa laval aalborg oy - international professionals.pdf